Transport and Heavy Equipment

The services consist of rental and lease of the following equipment:
- Hydraulic Cranes with lifting capacities between 8 and 300 ton.
- Trucks in combination with trailers/low boys.
- Crane Trucks.
- High Reaches (Man Lift).
- Forklift Trucks.
- Air Compressors with capacities between 185 and 900 CFM.
- Module Trailer (For Special Super Lift Transport).

Containers for rent/sale

- We provide high-quality new and refurbished steel and refrigerated containers for sale.
- We rent containers for a range of purposes and can arrange prompt, hassle-free delivery and collection.
- The company has 20' and 40' containers of different types, such as standard, high cube, open top, bulk, flat rack and reefer.
- Call us to tell you if we have availability of what you require.

General Contractors

Willing to provide solutions to all our clients and showing that we are a company committed to the community, we have collaborated with the construction and / or remodeling of buildings such as: Mc Donald's, Burger King, Rothumhuys.

Industrial Projects

We are at the forefront in the execution of industrial projects, such as the construction and maintenance of storage tanks, maintenance of Jettys, pipelines, installation of water desalination plants, plant shutdowns, demolition of plants, etc.


Aware of the different types of energy available, we show the availability to act and collaborate with the obtaining and distribution of them, in order to facilitate it to the community.


We execute Civil Works such as the construction of Buildings, Remodeling, Foundation Construction, Soil Movement, Road Rehabilitation, Paving Work, sewage sanitation activities, installation of potable water pipes, Construction of Metallic Structures for industrial plants.
We elaborate detailed engineering, plans, costs, execution programs, supervision and audit of work, and other needs for your projects.

Anitillean Scrap Company

- Always contributing the best of us to collaborate and take care of the environment.
- We have a scrap processing plant, where we collect and recycle materials that damage the environment.
- We have a strategic partnership with Koole Mammoet B.V., in order to safely handle toxic waste.

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