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Our company is characterized by having a wide geographic coverage in the execution of our services.

We are leaders in the Caribbean, we are able to move to any region of the Caribbean. We have worked mainly in Curaçao and Bonaire.

To continue with the expansion process of our company and maintain consolidation and cohesion with our customers, we have planned to open commercial offices in other Caribbean countries.

In the near future the company will have a presence in other regions of the planet competing with large international companies, due to the constant growth of our operations.

We have worked mainly in Curaçao and Bonaire

We are leaders in the Caribbean


Miles Trucking has contributed to the industrial and economic development of Curaçao, has executed important engineering works for the most important Curaçao Refining Center, such as Refinery B.V. Isla.

The company has also carried out important projects for MainWind B.V. in the field of electricity generation using wind energy. Miles Trucking has collaborated with numerous companies in various areas, such as lifting and transport of heavy loads, construction, demolition work, pipeline projects, transportation rental and machinery in general.


In recent years Bonaire has had significant growth and Miles Trucking has also collaborated in this important development. The company maintains a constant collaboration in the electricity generation projects with wind energy for the ENERCON company.

It is also usual to participate for various companies in projects of pipelines, lifting and movement of heavy loads such as submarines, boats, construction materials and other types of loads. Currently the company is running the construction of a Hospital in Bonaire, in which we are working quickly and efficiently, knowing that the main beneficiary is the community.

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